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How to Create a Google Site for Free? Full customization guideline


    Create a Google Site

    Today we learn about Google site. It’s e free webpage which can use as a website. This is a service of google. You just need e Gmail account for create unlimited page on google site. Now we discuss about creating a post on google site step by step.

    Uses of Google Site:

    There are many small/medium business employee as well as IT/email manager also administrative managers are use Google site to boost their Google business. Google site is the highest use of google cloud server which can be gives us many benefits that’s we can discuss here.

    1. You can use Google site anywhere/anytime by your access to the internet. It can be use in a small starting business which didn’t require any cost from you.
    2. Google cloud is a Super smooth server system, so that your site didn’t get down easily. After growing your business you can move to your own hosting server easily such as Linux, windows, WordPress hosting server.
    3. Google site provide higher security more then other web host sever websites. Because google site is a part of google cloud it can’t be hack easily, so that it can ensure you highly security from hacker.
    Google Site View
    1. Login to your Gmail Account:
      First of all create a Google account or login to your Google account.
    2. Go to Google Site website:
      Here is the link: click here {}
    3. Desktop mode:
      If you into mobile browser you need to convert your browser into desktop mode. If you are in Desktop or laptop it will be ok to you.
    4. Select Your Template:
      Choice a template which you like most. It will increase your webpage design much more.
    5. Tutorial:
      When you choice a template it will guide you by it’s tutorial. If you want you can go and follow the tutorial. Otherwise follow my steps.
    6. Page Title:
      Title is very important thing for a website. Because it aware the visitor or reader about your post and content. So type your title without any mistake.
    7. Adding element to page:
      You can add multiple element from the right side table. You can add pictures, videos, audios, text to your webpage.
    8. Embed option:
      You can show other websites or YouTube video on your webpage by using the embed option. Just insert the html code into your embed option or type the URL.
    9. Text book:
      By using text book option you can write a paragraph in your webpage. You need to type or copy past your content into the paragraph section.
    10. Image:
      Using the image option you can upload a picture or select a picture from you google drive.
    11. Drive:
      You can share your video, picture, audio from Google drive.
    12. Other option:
      There are many other future for your help to create you webpage. Such as slide, calendar, maps, form, chart, docs, sheets. You can use all of this for free to create and design your web page.
    13. Website name:
      After writing your content you need to complete an important task because you didn’t add your website name. In the top left corner you can find the “untitled site” . Click or tap to it now u can write your own site name.
    14. Publish:
      After completing all of this work you need to publish your webpage by clicking publish button ( top right corner) . In the publish dialogue box you need to write your site web address. Just write your web address which didn’t taken by other. Then click on publish.

    Congratulations. You have been created a webpage on google site.

    Google Site

    You can use Google site as your portfolio . Also you can use Google site as a backlink for your blog site.
    That’s all for today. I hope you guys learn something. Thank you so much.

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