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How to Increase Website Traffic for Free? Full Guidelines


    Increase Website Traffic

    Everyone want to make e website and they want to top rank their website with good SEO. It is the easiest way to make money online with website. But the fact is how you can get more traffic for you website?
    There are some steps that’s make your website top ranked. Once your website going to ranked on Google you can get traffic automatically. How to increase website traffic for free, Here is some tips step by step for your website.

    • Make a perfect Niche for your website.
    • Index your all post into Google search console.
    • Make value article about niche
    • Make proper SEO
    • Share your content by answering question on Quora.
    • Make strong backlink.
    • Share your post on social media.
    • Set e tool for Email Marketing in your website.
    • Set a tool for Browser notification.
    • If you want you can go with paid ( google ads, Facebook ads, etc.)
    SEO-Search Engine Optimization

    Index you post by Google Search Console to Google Search Engine

    Before going Google Search Console you need to add sitemap for your website. Then Go to Google Search Console website. Past your domain or URL. Then add your website sitemap properly into Google Search Console.

    Why you add sitemap?

    It’s help your post to index on Google Search Engine automatically. If you saw your post or page Didn’t index you need to do it manually.

    How to get perfect niche for your website?

    You need proper research for a perfect niche. A perfect niche is very very important for growing a website. You can make research on Google for perfect niche or use any kind of tools. There are lots of free or paid tools available online for keyword research.

    So you can make it by yourself. One main think that you need to have proper idea on your selected Niche. Otherwise you can’t make any progress.

    How to make proper SEO for blogger?

    Frist of all you need upload a SEO friendly them. Then make e keyword research. Then choice low competition keyword . Make a SEO friendly post. Set your keyword into your post. Then check your post URL index or not. If your post not index please follow the manual index process.

    How to promote your website into Quora?

    Create an account into Quora. Then you will find many questions people are asking for many things. Frist you need to make a post on your profile about the question , in this post pin your website link. Then answer the question, in the answer past your Quora post link. People will redirect into your website.

    How to Create a Google Site for Free?

    How to write value article about your niche?

    Before writing a post make a small research for idea. Then you can write the idea into you own language easily. Make sure your post will be simple for everyone to read and they can realize the meaning of your post. Also give them proper idea about your post.

    Make Backlink

    Backlink is very important for any website to get traffic from other website. If your post are related to other website post you can make e request to other website admit to place your link into his website. In this way the Link is work for backlink support. Otherwise you need to get paid Backlink.

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    That’s all for today. Thank you for reading my article. If you like please read my other articles. Support me share my post link. Thank you .

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